The firm, and Jim Cruickshank in particular, are subject to regulation by both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and also the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT).

Continuing professional development is a requirement of both the above institutes and evidence of this must be submitted every year to these monitoring bodies. Over and above this the firm will get visited by a Quality Assurance Team under a regime called Practice Assurance. This is what differentiates the firm from unqualified accountants and unqualified "tax" businesses.

Jim is also an Associate of KD Business Advisers an accountancy firm for which his firm provides Accounts and Tax resource.

Tax need not be taxing - let us show you

General Taxation Services

We provide a full range of tax advice whatever your status.

Self Employed


Company Director

Retired Individuals

IR35 Contractors

We assist in business start-ups ensuring the appropriate trading vehicle is adopted e.g. trading as an individual, in partnership or as a company.

Income Tax

We provide a service designed to minimise your liability ensuring your tax returns are fully compliant with current legislation.

We advise on what expenses are allowable for tax purposes and if you operate a business how to ensure adequate records are maintained.

We submit tax returns electronically eliminating any Inland Revenue errors and speeding up repayments to you where due.

Corporation Tax

Whether you are a small family company or a multi million pound group, we already advise clients on corporation tax, assisting specifically on allowances for expenditure on capital projects or assets to be used in the business or research and development.

We advise on the best way to buy a company, sell a company or to incorporate an existing business.

Capital Gains Tax

From advising on the best times for purchases or sales to minimise liabilities, to planning to utilise the reliefs available we cover the full gambit of the Capital Gains regime.

Early planning is always preferrable to attempting to recover a situation once a transaction has taken place so contact us for that personal advice particular to your needs.

Inheritance Tax

We specialise in ensuring you can pass your estate on in the most efficient manner to your family.

Inheritance Tax is a 'voluntary tax' for most people, find out why by contacting us


In our opinion, VAT is the most complex of UK taxes and the most likely to produce errors with a punitive penalty regime in place for businesses who get it wrong. We are able to assist in making sure your returns are correct.

We help you by ensuring you are registered at the correct time, give advice on what items you should charge VAT on and when you can reclaim VAT.

If you wish, we will complete and file your VAT returns on your behalf.